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Destruction method

Confidential destruction service

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Confidential destruction service

  Destruction services are provided to effectively protect against confidential and sensitive information leakage and exposure risks. In addition to the crushing machines with high performance, we use the company"s internal fleet to arrange logistics more efficiently. Safe and secure, in order to ensure that our destruction workshops meet the security requirements, we implement strict security measures including: 24-hour all-weather security guard service, strict and ingress and egress control, extensive CCTV surveillance coverage, 90% retention The closed-circuit television video storage provides the supervision room for customers to monitor the confidential document destruction process. We will: arrange an appointment to monitor the destruction service; arrange to collect the client secret materials within seven working days of the order; complete the destruction within twenty-four working hours of collecting the client"s confidential materials; and provide the video and photos of the destruction process according to the customer"s request. report.

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