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Destruction method

Smash and destroy

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Smash and destroy

  The comminution and destruction services provided are effective in protecting confidential and sensitive information leakage and exposure risks. In addition to having a high-performance crushing machine, we use the company"s internal fleet to arrange logistics more efficiently.
  We provide crush destruction services including (but not limited to the following materials):
  1, paper; including - confidential documents - NCR over-paper - thermal paper
  2, non-paper: including - brand products (including clothing, shoes, handbags, etc.) - counterfeit or other confiscated items - personal care products (including perfumes, cosmetics, etc.) - storage media (including computer hard drives, CDs, miniature film, etc.) - Plastic card products (including credit cards, employee ID cards, telephone cards, prepaid cards, etc.) - Security coder - Electronics and parts - Computer equipment and equipment (including computers, servers, routers, etc.)

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