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File archive destruction

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File archive destruction

  A confidential document is a document that records the contents of commercial or state secrets in the form of words, graphics, audio and other records, including official documents, archives, books, correspondence, drawings, statements, disks, compact discs, films, slides, photographs, audio tapes, etc. .
  In daily life, we use paper materials such as documents, documents, and files. By definition, documents, documents, and archives are different things, but in real life they are just three different names of an item. Regardless of what they are defined or how they are called, there are several common roles—recording information. And this information may be important, confidential confidential documents, documents, files, and so on. What should I do with this information after I have used it or after it has expired? Generally, there are three methods for destroying paper materials such as document destruction, document destruction, and file destruction: 1. Mechanical crushing; 2. Refining of molten pulp; 3. Incineration. Mechanical pulverization: pulverization is carried out using a pulverizing machine, and paper documents become paper strips or small pieces. For small batches of data, you can take your own mechanical smash, so that the information does not flow out. Refining: Re-melting used paper into pulp and recreating new paper. For general books, newspapers, cardboard, and other materials, documents, documents, and files that do not contain confidential information. Incineration treatment: The data is incinerated by a professional incinerator (the city is forbidden to incinerate in the open space). Destruction of confidential documents, confidential information, and confidential files applicable to any condition.

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