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Food destruction

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Food destruction

  How to deal with food scrap? How to destroy, many times, whether it is a supermarket convenience store or a home life, it is inevitable that you will encounter food expiration. You may feel that after the food expires, you will directly throw it into the trash can, but what about supermarkets or enterprises?
  If expired foods are circulating in the market, it will not only affect the safety of consumers, but also have a certain impact on the credit of enterprises. It is the right way to find a formal way to deal with food scrapping, that is, to find formal destruction. the company. We have the strength of national and industry certification, professionally provide food scrap treatment programs, non-conforming product destruction, garment destruction, defective incineration and other services, and can provide you with a formal destruction certificate after processing. You don"t have to worry.
  How to make the product destroyed, mainly depends on the professional level of the destruction organization. Generally, the regular company can destroy the unqualified products. What you have to do is to find the right company. If you choose the natural environment technology, you can tell the food here. The process of scrapping professional processing:
  First contact our staff to determine the name of the product you want to destroy and the specifications. Then provide a list of food scraps and a description of the extent to which the product needs to be destroyed. We will develop a suitable product destruction plan based on the information you provide; then you will need The destroyed products are transported, and then we transfer to the professional destruction site. The whole process has camera and photo monitoring to supervise the whole process. After both parties verify the results of food scrap treatment and satisfaction, the company will issue the “Product Destruction Certificate”. For you, this completes the destruction process.

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