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Commodity inspection and anti-counterfeiting

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Commodity inspection and anti-counterfeiting

  In accordance with the "Consumer Rights Law", "Product Quality Law", "Trademark Law" and other relevant provisions on the doping, adulteration of the goods, to fake the truth, shoddy, or impersonate goods with qualified products; Produce goods that are explicitly eliminated by the state or sell goods that have failed or deteriorated; the origin of counterfeit goods, forgery or fraudulent use of other people"s names, sites, tampering with production dates, forgery or fraudulent use of quality marks such as certification marks; Inspection, quarantine without inspection, quarantine or forgery of inspection and quarantine results; doping or adulteration in products, false filling, shoddy, or impersonating qualified products with unqualified products, order to stop production and sales, Confiscation of illegally produced and sold products; all require the safe destruction of the above products. The main law and industry departments of industry and commerce, public security, commerce, quality supervision, food and medicine, etc., in addition to giving economic and criminal penalties for the manufacture of infringing goods and forgery of registered trademark marks, the safe and environmentally friendly destruction of counterfeit and shoddy products.

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