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Dangerous goods destruction service

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Dangerous goods destruction service

  First, the method of destruction of scrapped explosives: explosion destruction method; incineration destruction method; specific destruction method is carried out according to the method specified in WJ9049-2005.
  Explosive Explosives: Refers to products that have expired or have quality problems in the explosives warehouse, and end-of-life products returned by users.
  Second, the coal mine is responsible for reporting to the local public security, and the local public security supervision mine safety department destroys the scrapped explosives.
  Third, the safety department duties
  1. In conjunction with the relevant departments to supervise and inspect the destruction site to ensure that nothing is lost.
  2. Responsible for the safe escort of scrapped explosives to prevent loss and theft during transportation.
  3. Responsible for the four-week warning of the destruction site.
  4. Confirm the quantity of scrapped explosives and the reasons for their retirement.
  5. Drafting application documents (number, location, time, destroyers) and destruction plan for scrapped explosives.
  Fourth, management content and requirements
  1. The scrapped explosives should be consistent with the accounts, objects and cards.
  2, scrapped explosives, should be treated as soon as possible, can not be destroyed on the same day, to eliminate potential safety hazards.
  3. The Safety Section shall submit an application for scrapping to the public security organ in accordance with the quantity of scrapped explosives in a timely manner, and the record shall be complete.
  4. After the destroyed explosives are destroyed, it is necessary to do a good job of destroying the on-site records in a timely manner, and complete the signing procedures and archive them.

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