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Defective product destruction

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Defective product destruction

  According to Article 46 of the Product Quality Law, “The defects referred to in this Law refer to the dangers of injustices that endanger the safety of the person and the property of others; the products have national standards and industry standards that guarantee human health and personal and property safety. Does not mean that the standard is not met." Mainly refers to the existence of the identity of a certain batch, model or category due to design, production, instructions, etc., which may or may cause damage to human health and life safety. Reasonably dangerous products. Defective product destruction services to protect your intellectual property, brand, service and market channels.
  How to deal with expired products, how can products be destroyed? For products that do not meet the requirements for quality and are harmful to the human body and have no use value, they should be stopped, avoid serious consequences, and destroy products to solve the worries of consumers. The products have a wide range of meanings and can be divided into many types, food, cosmetics, documents and so on. For these products, you can"t use it without waste...
  Destruction plan: 1: The company provides door-to-door packaging bags; 2: Counting the number, loading and taking pictures; 3: Your unit needs to send one or more people to go with the transportation vehicle to destroy; 4: Items to be destroyed by professionals Move to the conveyor platform of the large crusher for crushing; 5: Sign the destruction contract and the destruction certificate.

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