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Product destruction service

  1. Have a professional destruction service team, perfect destruction equipment, and high-quality processing service team to ensure the safety, environmental protection and peace of mind;
  2. Gathered many domestic destruction talents and formed a strong team. Over the years, we have helped each other in the same boat and achieved great success.
  3. There are more than 50,000 square meters of demolition sites in the country, each of which can destroy more than 2000T of products, the industry is at the top level;
  4. Cooperation and destruction of the public security, customs, industry and commerce, taxation and other relevant functional departments;
  5, due to professional, so safe and secure;
  The destruction process is controllable throughout
  1. Process specification, issue a destruction report, provide third-party eye services, during the destruction process, on-site photo-monitoring, video surveillance, manual control, and destroying the destruction certificate to ensure that the destruction of the interest rate is safe;
  2, can provide you with national services, accept the acceptance of different places, the same city processing mode;
  3, can accept the relevant business in the local place, according to the actual location of the customer to destroy the product, you can do the same city processing, reduce costs, improve services;
  Confidential destruction of green regeneration
  Confidential destruction, safety and security, protection of customer privacy, maintenance of customer spleen, recycling of resources, and conversion of green renewable energy;

Soil remediation services

  We have soil remediation methods:
  A, soil physical restoration method
  1. Direct soil exchange method;
  2. Heating and repairing method;
  3. Vitrification repair method;
  4, electrode drive repair method.
  B, soil chemical repair method
  1. Forming poorly soluble precipitates such as sulfides, calcium, etc.;
  2. 吸附 large soil adsorption capacity, for example: by adjusting the pH value;
  3. Step 1 and Step 2, joint repair.
  C, bandit bioremediation
  1. Microbial repair method
  2, phytoremediation
  D, soil repair gas phase extraction technology
  1. Thermal intensification repair technology is also called soil in situ heating technology;
  2. Wind and hydraulic fracturing repair technology;
  3. Direct drilling repair technology;
  4. Air jet repair technology;
  5. Two-phase extraction and repair technology.
  E. Soil remediation stabilization and immobilization technology
  Stabilization and immobilization techniques are commonly used for stabilization and immobilization of heavy metal ions and radioactive materials:
  1. Neutralize and excessive acidity:
  2. destroying metals and complexes;
  3. Control the redox state of the metal;
  4. Conversion to an insoluble stable form;
  5. A solid form material formed by a curing agent.

Hazardous waste treatment service

  1. We provide our clients with comprehensive environmental protection integrated outsourcing consulting and industrial waste extension management services;
  2, and can provide customers with professional waste classification storage, packaging identification environmental policy consulting services;
  3. Assisting them in formulating industrial and industrial waste treatment plans according to the wastes and requirements provided by customers;
  4. According to the government"s requirements: provide relevant filing materials (hazardous waste business license, dangerous goods transport qualifications and related materials) for Party A to record and register;
  5. Assist clients in complying with relevant laws and regulations issued by the State and Municipal Government and Party A"s compliance with the IS014000 environmental management regulations;
  6. Supervise the on-site waste packaging identification and storage status, and propose improvement suggestions to Party A"s management department (or EHS).

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