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A batch of imported unqualified food was destroyed centrally

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  The Suzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has concentratedly destroyed a number of imported unqualified foods and illegal mailing items. It is reported that the total amount of imported food destroyed this time is 1.6 tons, and the value of goods is 46,000 yuan, which are from Belgium, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, South Korea and other countries. The main reason for the unqualified food is that the food additives and quality do not meet the requirements of Chinese regulations. .
  The reporter saw at the scene that the imported unqualified foods were mainly chocolate, wine, frozen pork and frozen chicken feet. According to reports, in November last year, an importer inspected a batch of 56 varieties of Belgian food, 7 of which were found to contain unacceptable use of cochineal, lutein and chlorophyll copper sodium in China; last year 12 A company imported a batch of red wine and found excessive use of preservatives such as sulfur dioxide and sorbic acid.
  The Suzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has taken various measures to grasp the quality of imported foods in key jurisdictions and strict supervision areas, and to ensure the safety of domestic consumers on the tongue. In 2018, with the theme of “Year of Quality Improvement Action”, the Bureau improved the effectiveness of customs inspection on imported food inspection and supervision, and resolutely prevented the import of foods that were not approved by China, added food additives and failed Chinese labels; In terms of supervision, we will strengthen corporate supervision and comprehensively implement the “double random and open” system to promote the management level of export food enterprises.
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