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About us

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About us

  Bense environmental technology (Shanghai) co., LTD. Was established in 2014, the company in order to restore the earth"s original color as own duty, is committed to environmental protection in the field of products, such as destruction of general waste processing waste processing within the sector focus on ecological environmental protection services to provide total solutions company now already through NSF - ISR ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO18001 occupational health management system certification industry qualification complete, provide variety comprehensive destruction, help enterprises to better protect the brands and intellectual property rights advocate green environmental protection The service concept of safety, guided by the thought of sustainable development, provides government and enterprises with more environmentally safe and efficient destruction services.

  The company has a number of advanced technology of high-quality elite technical team of the site survey equipment and expert advisory group on both at home and abroad and several strong strategic partners by the foreign experience and ideas combined with domestic actual market situation, company can provide customers with environmental destruction of safe and efficient service, real investigation and risk assessment of contaminated sites; A feasible scheme for handling hazardous wastes in line with actual needs.

  Company is with rich experience in technology research and development personnel marketing strength, fusion of international advanced environmental technology and management idea, to a high starting point into the field of environmental protection, promote the development in the field of environmental protection, and aspires to be a world leading product destruction of general industrial waste treatment, comprehensive technical service provider in the field of waste treatment.

Product destruction

  Safe, professional, and disposal of quality and safety project unqualified import and export of clothing accessories, does not comply with the "cosmetics health standard" cosmetics destruction and all kinds of substandard food, expired food destroyed! Waste of hardware appliances and electronic products contain a variety of harmful elements, the response country "energy conservation, emission reduction, harmless treatment of concept" for the purpose.

General waste treatment

  Through physical means (such as crushing, compression, drying, evaporation, incineration, etc.) or biochemical actions (such as oxidation, digestion and decomposition, absorption, etc.) and pyrolysis and gasification to reduce the volume and accelerate the natural purification process . It is also commonly referred to as solid and sludge-like substances that are discarded by humans during production and living activities, including solid particles that are separated from waste water and exhaust gas. However, no matter what kind of treatment method is used, there will still be a certain amount of solid waste remaining. This part of the waste needs to be properly disposed. Especially when dealing with wastes, secondary pollution should be avoided, and toxic and hazardous wastes should be ensured to not cause harm to humans.

Hazardous waste treatment

  According to the relevant provisions of the law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, according to the city "" twelfth five-year" solid waste pollution prevention and control planning "and standardization of environmental protection of hazardous waste management requirements, in order to further strengthen the environmental management of this municipality"s dispose of hazardous waste disposal behavior, we provide including hazardous waste collection, storage, disposal and comprehensive utilization and exacting noise, exhaust gas and industrial waste water and sewage treatment services. Main service object is: waste packaging and container cleaning, recycling, recycling use; Emulsion, surface treatment of waste and chromium waste liquid and waste acid, waste alkali treatment and utilization.

  In addition, the company with the well-known domestic and foreign scientific research institutes and environmental protection enterprises to establish long-term strategic cooperative relations, has the high quality specialized is engaged in environmental protection technology research and development, consulting, technical team and the environmental protection engineering services management team, trained a group of experienced senior technician, access to domestic and international certification.

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